Global Education Services Taitaja, GEST, is the leading and most versatile vocational training centre in the area of Kymenlaakso.

Our business idea is to develop, market and put into practise high quality education and services needed by students and economic life as well as to support lifelong learning.

We have about 4 000 students involved in various training activities annually. GEST is maintained by a foundation and employs about 100 people.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for individuals and working teams to enhance their skills. Training programmes focus on skills and expertise that are essential in the modern working life. The objective of the education can be a vocational qualification (basic, advanced or specialised) that takes 3-18 months or further/extension training or working life sertificates for 1 - 60 days. The vocational qualifications are competence based and the student´s performance is evaluated in co-operation with the working life representatives. On-the-job learning is a vital part of the learning process. Individual development plans are made according to student’s goals, prior studies and work history. Our educational fields are:







Tailormade Education Programmes for Teachers and Educational Institutions
For countries aiming to enhance the performance of their education systems, we offer expertise to evaluate current performance and to design and execute development- and training programmes. In addition to development of vocational education curricula we offer development programmes to adopt and enhance the use of digital learning environments as well as quality management of educational institutions. Our programmes are designed and developed to cover all vocational and further education. We also offer organisational development programmes which are more set to fine-tune and reshape existing structures and approaches. We help organisations to find the best training and working solutions to their challenges through learning and education. The duration of these programmes can vary from one week to several months and can be e.g.

Master Classes
The duration of a Master Class typically varies from one to three weeks, and the duration of an Intensive Training Programme can vary from one week up to an academic year depending on the programme’s specific objectives. Master Classes are offered for both teachers and students in vocational education e.g.

• Autobody Repair • Bricklaying • Car Painting • CNC Milling • Concrete Construction Work • Construction Metal Work • Cooking • Formula Car Mechanics and Rally • Mechanics • Painting and Decorating • Plumbing and Heating • Restaurant Service • Technical visit programmes • Welding

Technical Visits
Our unique Technical Visit concept provides you with an insight into the Finnish education system and expertise. Educational and Technical visits are customized and designed to showcase Finnish practices in education and in businesses. For groups interested in study opportunities at the Global Education Services Taitaja we offer educational visits. We help you to connect with the Taitaja´s professionals, companies and government organisations. The duration of a visit can vary from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the group’s specific requirements.

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world with excellent and internationally high-ranking education for children. For children we offer innovative educational activities in dedicated science, sport and language centres, surrounded by Finnish nature. We offer Camps which are all tailored to the needs and wishes of each group and can take place both in summer and in winter. The educational activities support the development of 21st century skills and utilise innovative Finnish pedagogical approaches and methods. The duration of a Camp is typically from one to two weeks.

For more information, please contact:

Tuija Arola
PhD., Development Director, Branch Manager, Technology Branch
+ 358 40 849 3838
 [email protected]